Asset Settings / Quick Menu

Quick Menu where you can change your asset settings is easily accessible just by selecting the item you want to change.

Quick Menu will list on the side next options: Style, Sound, Z layer buttons, Duplicate, Delete.

Recording Style

Select a character from stage you want to add style to. On the timeline select the moment you want this style to be added. On Stage click on Style from menu above selected character. There should be: - preview thumbnail, - Record Style, - Apply changes. Choose Record Style, choose for example Blur style, and click on Record Style. Verify the style Blur is saved and placed at right time on Timeline. On timeline key-frame symbol appears for new style. Move key-frame for that style (create a key-frame). 


Recording Sound

Select a character from stage you want to add Sound to. On the timeline select the moment you want this sound to be added. In Sound Tab select or search from Sound Library sound related to this character. Your sound appears on the timeline. Buttons to control the sound appear with options: Delete, Loop and Volume Control.


Z layer buttons

These two buttons will control the layering of your assets on the stage.


This button will duplicate the selected asset.


This button will delete the selected asset.