Key-framing characters and objects


Every action you are creating and adding to characters or objects is creating a key-frame per second.

This is a simple way of creating movement and adding it to your objects and characters.

Follow these steps below:

Choose an asset that you want to move on the stage.

Move it on the stage where you want to create a key-frame.

Recording Action

If you wish to record your character's action or gesture at certain point in the video, choose Action when you click on Stage and then choose from your Asset Group which action you want at that point (waving). Next step is to make a key frame of that action. From Action menu click Record Action, verify the action is saved and placed at right time on Timeline. On timeline key-frame symbol appears for new action. Record Action will record the selected action, if you click on Apply changes, all changes will automatically be saved.

Recording Style

Select a character from stage you want to add style to. On the timeline select the moment you want this style to be added. On Stage click on Style from menu above selected character. There should be: - preview thumbnail, - Record Style, - Apply changes. Choose Record Style, choose for example Blur style, and click on Record Style. Verify the style Blur is saved and placed at right time on Timeline. On timeline key-frame symbol appears for new style. Move key-frame for that style (create a key-frame).