What is Emotional Recognition & How Does It Work?

Use Emotional Recognition to analyze the reactions and engagement of your video and have much better understanding of your video's effectiveness than ever before! 

We are providing you with latest emotion detectors and algorithms to measure people's reactions to video content.  We look for facial features in your footage and pass them through the Emotional Recognition engine. Every 250ms we will give you feedback for things such as "smile", "surprise", "negative" and "attention". 

The biggest question that comes with every product advertisement is whether it is targeted towards the right audience and whether the reaction and outcome of your video ad is what it should be. 

This is what we had in mind when we created a unique feature that you can use only in Toonvidio called Emotional Recognition. This amazing feature will help you reach for those key answers.

Using this feature you can easily tell how someone actually feels watching your video/ad. 

- The engine is sensing and analyzing facial expressions every 250 milliseconds. 

- The emotion analysis algorithms gathers this data in real time and saves hours of reviewing and data crunching. Real time data gathering also enables tighter feedback loops. 

- Our customers are able to test different iterations of an idea or ask follow up questions on the spot. 

If you’re wondering what happens to all your data once it’s collected, everything is being securely stored in the cloud. That makes it easily accessible by you or your team anytime. Data for each Video will be neatly organized in the Members Area in the section called "My ER Videos".

Step-by-Step Instructions

1.  Once you have finished creating your video, click on Publish. 

The Right menu will expand where you have the option to upload this video to the Emotional Recognition Area. Check the box next this feature and click Publish below.

Now you have your video uploaded to Members Area underneath My ER Videos.

2. Go ahead and follow this link to find your video in this area https://www.toonvidio.com/emotional-recognition/

3. Next step is to Copy provided shareable link for your video that you’ll use to test the reactions with. 

Share it with everyone whose reaction you want to store in your data, it could be your friends, your partners or your costumers. 

When the URL link is opened, viewer will place himself in front of their web cam and simply watch your video. Everything rest is on our Emotional Detection Analysis built with the latest emotion detectors.

Your data will show up within the next 30 min, in the same place where you previously stored your video. 

You are now in a position to create the content you know has a positive impact on your viewers, and you can now skip expensive and timely market research and test your targeted audience directly without leaving your desk. 
You will also be at ease knowing that we never collect nor store any personally identifiable data of anyone that watched the video. Your images orvideos will not be saved and used by no one except you.